Friday, November 20, 2015

What Kind of Jade Bangle Bracelet is Right for Me?

A neighbor has been asking to come to my home to buy a jade bangle bracelet for herself.  She has never worn a jade bangle.  But in our gated community, there are quite a few women who wear jade bangle bracelets because they have a neighbor who sells them!  Sometimes when we are at the pool area, a visitor will ask if there is a Chinatown nearby because so many women wear jade bangle bracelets here.

When she told me she wanted to buy a jade bangle, I held her wrist to try to determine what size she would wear.  Then I suggested she go online to the web site and let me know what appeals to her.  She has a large wrist, and I guessed she wore 65-70, which means her choices are limited.  Most of the jade bangles on the web site are 54-58mm, "Chinese size" because I buy only genuine jade, and that means it's mostly Chinese size.  So I started filling a box with the "river jade" Chinese colorful jade bangles, and the classic light green Chinese jade bangles.  I chose some very good green translucent Chinese jade for her.

Classic Chinese Jade Bangle Bracelets

I had 18 jade bangles for her to choose from.  First I gave her a green Chinese river jade bangle to put on to determine size.  It was 69mm and went on easily.  When she saw the light green Chinese jade bangle 65mm, she put it on, was amazed that it fit and amazed that it "felt just right" for her.  She doesn't know anything about jade, or the "drama" that surrounds jade, she just knew what energetically felt good, and looked good, on her wrist.

She purchased jade rollers to use on the face for herself and her sisters, and some jade bead bracelets, and was very happy.

When I went to pick up my mail, her husband was at the mail boxes and told me how happy they were with the jade, and how much he liked what she purchased.

She would have liked the grade A jadeite bangle bracelets, but none are her size.  However, she knew just from looking, without even trying on the jade bangles in the box , the bangle that was best for her and she liked the most.

So when you're looking at jade online, and not sure which one to purchase, which one is right for you, and you keep coming back to look at a certain one (or 2-3), that's what's right for you.  And at our prices, especially during sales, you can get a collection of jade bangles that look right, feel right, and seem like they were made just for you.

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